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Quirino Grandstand, Manila. Taken during Noynoy’s inauguration as the 15th president of the Republic of the Philippines.


Found this neat PHP function for sending UTF-8 encoded email. I made a little adjustment so that it’ll be able to send HTML formatted messages.

#– Start of Code

// Encoding of Message, From, Subject and To into UTF-8 format before sending
function UTF8_mail($from, $to, $subject, $message, $cc=”, $bcc=”)
$from = explode(“<“,$from );

$headers = “From: =?UTF-8?B?” .base64_encode($from[0]).”?= <“. $from[1] . “\n”;

$to = explode(“<“,$to );
$to = “=?UTF-8?B?”.base64_encode($to[0]).”?= <“. $to[1] ;


$cc = explode(“<“,$cc );
$headers .= “Cc: =?UTF-8?B?”.base64_encode($cc[0]).”?= <“. $cc[1] . “\n”;

$bcc = explode(“<“,$bcc );
$headers .= “Bcc: =?UTF-8?B?”.base64_encode($bcc[0]).”?= <“. $bcc[1] . “\n”;

$headers .=
“Content-Type: text/html; ”
. “charset=UTF-8; format=flowed\n”
. “MIME-Version: 1.0\n”
. “Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n”
. “X-Mailer: PHP\n”;

return mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers);

#– End of Code

P.S. If you want to send just a simple text format mail, just replace “Content-Type: text/html; ” to “Content-Type: text/plain; “

By noon, Super_ed, AF and I were already at the Quirino Grandstand to meet up with Dave_d and other PiPhols to capture the colorful Aliwan Festival. I sure did find a lot of photographers and you’ll be able to recognize their groups by the t-shirts they wear. By 2pm, our group decided to setup at Rajah Sulayman leaving the participants preparing at the Grandstand.

Dark Clouds HoveringSummer in the Philippines is really hot, dry and humid and that Saturday is no exemption. But by mid afternoon , it started to rain. I wasn’t able to see what happened to the participants and other photographers at the Quirino Grandstand as I was still at Rajah Sulayman. Like most of us in the event, I prayed that it be a short rain and hoped that the people at the Grandstand were able to take shelter. Sadly, the rain didn’t stop immediately. It just poured harder with strong winds to blow it from time to time. It probably lasted an hour or more and most of us were asking if the event is still going to push through.


Well, based from the pictures here, it sure did! 😉 The parade started around 6pm already with the participants still filled with energy as they perform their routines. The rain didn’t dampen their spirits at all! As they say, “The Show Must Go On!” That was definitely a good call from the organizers knowing that most of participants are from the province and that extending a day or more could be really costly for all.

To all the 2008 Aliwan Festival 2008 participants, I salute you! To me, you guys are all winners!

It’s been X months already since my last post. To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to blog any time soon. It just so happened that I stumbled on my WordPress site yesterday and started reading my previous entries. And guess what! Reading my blog made me smile. 🙂 This site brought back a few patches of my life that were just part of my short term memory. So now, I’ll try to regularly update my blog with hopes that I’ll be able to read my posts in the future.

Got Lagalag Notebook 2 last week from Enzo. Below is my contribution to the Lagalag Project.


ika-12 ng Desyembre

Ngayong pasko, balak kong bigyan ang aking mga kaibigan ng mga litratong kuha ko. Habang tinitignan ko ang mga litrato sa aking compyuter, doon ko lang napansin na ang dami ko na palang nakunan.

Mahigit isang taon ko na rin palang nakakasama ang aking DSLR ngunit marami na kaming lugar na napicturan. Marami na ring mga nakasama o di kaya’y sinamahan sa iba’t ibang lakad. At sa mga lakad na ito’y marami na ring napangiting mga mukha. Ang iba’y mga kakilala tulad ng pamilya at mga kaibigan ko. Yung iba nama’y mga taong napadaan lamang sa aking online gallery.

Di ko lubos akalain na dahil sa camerang ito magagawa ko ang ilang mga bagay-bagay. Mapupuntahan ang iba’t ibang lugar na noo’y sa internet ko lang nakikita. Kung baga, ang daming kong mga “first time” na nagawa kasama ang aking camera. Sa simula pa lamang ng taong ito, ay nakipaggitgitan ako sa libo-libong taong nanood ng World Pyro Olympics upang makahanap ng maayos na pwesto para masetup ang aking tripod at camera.

Narating ko na ang mapulang bundok ng Mt. Maarat, Rizal at sumulong sa maputik na daan papuntang Boso-Boso, Rizal lulan ng isang 4×4 na sasakyan. Kay ganda ng mga tanawin doon. Sa Rizal din ang daan namin noong inikot namin ang mga bayang pumapalibot sa Laguna de Bay. Ilang makalumang simbahan ang aming nadaanan at ako’y namangha sa ganda ng kultura ng Laguna.


Ilang beses na rin akong gumising ng pagkaaga. Minsan ay noong nagshoot kami ng mga “hot air balloons” sa Clark, Pampanga. At nung isang beses naman ay nung hinabol namin ang unang sikat ng araw sa Tarlac. Oo nga pala. Di na pala ako natulog nung gabi bago kami umalis. Natakot kasi ako na baka di magising ng ganung kaaga o baka sobrang excited nga lang ba? ^_^ Buong araw kaming nag-ikot sa Tarlac kaya walang tulugan talaga sa biyahe. Muling naranasan ang ganitong biyahe nung sumama akong pumunta sa Ilocos Norte. 15hrs na biyahe sa gabu at wakabg tulugan dahil humihinto kami paminsan-minsan upang magshoot 😉 Dumating kami sa Pagudpud ng tanghali na. Tulad nung lakad sa Tarlac, ako’y inantok din at pagod sa biyahe. Pero ramdam ko ang saya ng pagshoot at ang pagkamangha sa ganda ng tanawin.

Ito ay iilan lamang sa mga nagawa ko kasama ang aking camera. Pagkakataon ko na ring pasalamatan ang mga kaibigan ko na tumulong at sumuporta sa akin. Salamat kanila Ron Dagdag, Sherwin Reyes, Haya Benitez, Steven Huang at sa PinoyPhotography.Org. Laking tulong ang inyong inabot sa akin!




Marami na akong narating sa Luzon at dahil ito sa camera ko.
Sana malibot ko rin ang Mindanao, ang lupain kung san ako lumaki.

Got the news last night that my Prince badminton racket had a terrible clash on the court. My housemate borrowed it for a badminton night with his office colleagues. When he got home, he first apologized and then showed me the bent that was sustained by my badminton partner for the past 2 years. The head was badly damaged and is no longer repairable. 😦 So, goodbye my racket. Thanks not only for the memories in the court but also for the memories we had in Toby’s (Ecua and Pearls alam nyo to!) 😉

I’m going to SM Megamall this lunch to get a new racket. 🙂

Had “mirienda” at Chowking this afternoon and saw a couple of the fastfood’s personnel having their late lunch. I believe they were having “tinola.” Having missed the taste of this Filipino soup dish, I’ve decided to have it for dinner. When I was done with my “mirienda”, I headed to the supermarket besides Chowking and bought the necessary ingredients: chicken drum sticks, ginger, sayote, chili leaves and a tinola flavoring.

It’s been a long time already since I last cooked a decent meal. I stopped due to the long and tiring preparation in cooking and the food just gets spoiled. I usually prepare a meal for me that is good for 2 days. There were times that I forgot that I have food in the ref. My food then gets spoiled. 😦 So, I instead settled for canned corned beef and tuna. These are faster to prepare and good for one serving only. This afternoon though, I just had to satisfy my craving for “tinola.” This is the first for me to prepare and cook it! Yipee! I think, cooking “tinola” is simple. I was able to observe how Auntie Neneng does it back in Davao. 😉

What I’m looking for in this dish is not just the taste of the soup but also in the chicken. I have had several disappointing “tinola” before. Some people tend to cut the part in marinading the chicken with ginger and salt. In doing this, the chicken loses the ginger flavor and one will need “patis” (fish sauce) to compensate for this. And since I’m not a big fan of “patis” and I think even back in my parent’s house, there’s no “patis” there, I prefer to just marinade the chicken instead of using it.

When I was done cooking, I told my “guinea pig”… I mean, my housemate to help himself with the “tinola.” His verdict… it was salty. 🙂 My quick solution, add water! When it was my turn to taste it, I’m not being biased here, but I find it A-OK! Just the way I want it. ^_^

Besides the comment earlier, the only thing that I wasn’t able to do right was how the “sayote” was sliced. I think I got the shape and size wrong. Anyway, I’ll just do a research about it.

So for this craving, it’s definitely a fulfilling *burp* SUCCESS!

Now, what would my next craving be? 😉